Pimps and prostitutes have long been a fascination of hip hop music with certain artists going as far as to even claim the title of active pimps both in their raps and on video. Other than receiving a brief shine in music videos there has never been a female artist who actively represents the life of a true stay down prostitute. Donna Cherry Tha Chop is here to change that and bring the world’s oldest profession to the masses via her upcoming album “Hoe’N”.

Donna grew up listening to music as well as going to shows and while she did not fully pursue recording an album until 2017, she has been long told that she would make an incredible artist by friends and family. Crafting a style that most resembles West Coast legends , Donna is a quick-witted rhyme slayer with stories of luxury, making major sums of money and most importantly staying true to the game. As a full time escort Donna has a story to tell that she feels has not been told in the past by other female rappers who at most may talk about being sugar babies or strippers. “Strippers, side chicks, sugar babies all have music but there is nothing out there for the true prostitutes by a real life prostitute.” -Donna Cherry.

With the upcoming release of her debut solo album “Hoe’n set to drop this year on Break Luck Ent, Donna has already set the internet on fire with her digitally released singles “Long time” and “Vegas strip.” Donna’s debut album will feature West Coast notables such as B-legit, Kokane, Dru Down, Richie Rich, Mac Mall, Suga Free, Celly Cell, Curt Nitty, Projeck Bo, and Dj Fresh.

Donna Cherry Tha Chop is here to represent the world’s oldest profession and give the world of entertainment a real life look in to the life of an real life prostitute who just so happens to rap.

-Miles Aaron